Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music

January 31, 2006


Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music has the best interactive guide of dance music on the web. Its like a family tree, tracing every spliter of dance music. The best part is that he has samples of the genre of songs to help u get an understanding. I would say that we all in a state of Dutch trance/ House songs, with the Dutch Masters (all the Dutch DJs) producing the best dance song out there right now with europe and the U.S. trying to keep up.

Admin News

January 31, 2006

Quick update on the site.

I’m gonna try to break this site into two main sections: one for beginner dance fans and one for more advance peeps aka lets go to a club til 1 am and then stay for after hours till 6 am while dancing to trance. Ok not taht extreme but enough for the knowledgable DJ or fan. So i’m laying out a type of blueprint that i’m sure that I won’t be following in the upcoming months, but hey everyone can dream.

For the causal fan:

hot albums (goo buy this quick), hot songs (add it to your Dj playlist of Ipod), DJs of the month (superstar profiles), Wheres the Party at?? (Where are all the top Djs playing), Hot Wax mix of the month (shameless promotion of my own mix with track selection), Venues (best Club places), Show of the month (ok top talent is playing at a club. U must go) and Hot Wax Mix R US (reviews of top online/radio stations mix shows).

For the beginners:

Old Wax Song of the Month (old skool dance song of the month), What does that do? (DJing equipment explained), Old wax artist of the month (review of past dance artists), Remixology (explaining of remixes and such stuff) and History of Dance(reviewing the history of dance).
Yea thats alot. So i’ll try to post at least 2 of any of these sections daily for your listening enjoyment. I just don’t want to review albums and songs, I wanna pass some knowledge to the masses.

Hot Wax out.

Hot Wax: Hot Album

January 31, 2006

Minstry of Sound’s Clubbers Guide 2006


Its the holy grail of dance album of the year. In my opinion better than their Annual 2006 mix album. Every top dance song that will got released last year plus a few of the newest future hits are all jammed into the awesome cd. I’ve been a long time fan of this music collection dating back to oh i would say clubbers guide 2001.

If you do get a chance at buying this CD, BEWARE!. I only recommend the buy the U.K. versions of the any Ministry of Sound (MoS) cds. The U.K. versions has a better track selection, while the U.S. and Australian versions are sometimes completely different and are less “clubbie”. There are too many too artists to name, but the Big artists and big tunes of the year are there. Here the link.

My Fav tune would have to be: Stunt – Raindrops (Groovecutters Remix).

“Feels like the Raindrops on my skin….”

Hot Wax: Hot Song

January 31, 2006

Ferry Corsten – Fire.

Ferry Corsten - Fire (Single)

Great song with a nice constant uppity beat. Simon Lebon from Duran Duran sings the hook of the song. Actually Ferry used a sample of one of the Duran Suran songs and made this song. Later he played the song to Simon and he loved it. When u have as much talent as Ferry has everyone loves your songs.

The song has a bit of an eighties beat with the synths but it is catchy and its tearing up the charts since last month. The U.K. just got their vinyl release this week so the U.S. will be up soon.

” Oh woman you make me feel Like I’m on fire “

Top 10 DJs.

January 30, 2006

Heres a Crash course in the top 10 DJs of 2005. (Djmag)
1 Paul van Dyk
2 Tiësto
3 Armin Van Buuren
4 Sasha
5 Ferry Corsten
6 John Digweed
7 Hernan Catteneo
8 Deep Dish
10 Carl Cox

Yup these are the guys that are top of their game. Most of the stuff you hear at the clubs come from them. If you have the chance to see any of them at your local club, GO! I would even recommend buying a few of their albums.

A few others that i’m a fan of that didn’t make the top 10 but made the top 100 are: 11 Paul Oakenfold, 19 Above & Beyond, 21 Markus Schulz, 22 Benny Benassi, 29 Gabriel & Dresden, 31 Blank & Jones, 63 Fatboy Slim, 81 Rank 1, 91 Matt Darey and 96 Max Graham. Anyway here is a link to the whole list Top 100 DJs.

I plan on at least once a month doing a DJ profile profile aka ‘DJ of the Month’. I’ll pick their best songs for a Hot Wax mix, upcoming tour dates, and other goodies. Feb will be Armin Van Buuren.

Lets get this party Started!

January 29, 2006

Welcome. Bienvnue. Welkom. Benvenuto. Recepción. добро пожаловать. Willkommen.

Dance music. Trance . Techno. Dance Dance Revolution. Chillout. House. Hard trance. Progressive. Jungle. Drum n bass. If you thought that dance music was one pure form of music, then you better stop listening to the chessy ‘dance’ songs you hear on the radio and get ready to be enlightened.

I’ll be guiding DJing to keep you informed of all that there is in Dance muisc. From its different forms, hottest DJs, new albums, history and soo much more. I will turn you in to a hardcore happy raver.

So enjoy the ride, ask the bartender for more vodka red bulls, and pump up the music!

Oh I almost forgot. What does Hot Wax mean? Well…. its slang for a really good vinyl record. Vinyl is what DJ sometimes use to spin (play) songs and Wax is a slang for vinyl and I wanted something that just sounded cool. Thats all folks.