Lets get this party Started!

Welcome. Bienvnue. Welkom. Benvenuto. Recepción. добро пожаловать. Willkommen.

Dance music. Trance . Techno. Dance Dance Revolution. Chillout. House. Hard trance. Progressive. Jungle. Drum n bass. If you thought that dance music was one pure form of music, then you better stop listening to the chessy ‘dance’ songs you hear on the radio and get ready to be enlightened.

I’ll be guiding DJing to keep you informed of all that there is in Dance muisc. From its different forms, hottest DJs, new albums, history and soo much more. I will turn you in to a hardcore happy raver.

So enjoy the ride, ask the bartender for more vodka red bulls, and pump up the music!

Oh I almost forgot. What does Hot Wax mean? Well…. its slang for a really good vinyl record. Vinyl is what DJ sometimes use to spin (play) songs and Wax is a slang for vinyl and I wanted something that just sounded cool. Thats all folks.

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