Top 10 DJs.

Heres a Crash course in the top 10 DJs of 2005. (Djmag)
1 Paul van Dyk
2 Tiësto
3 Armin Van Buuren
4 Sasha
5 Ferry Corsten
6 John Digweed
7 Hernan Catteneo
8 Deep Dish
10 Carl Cox

Yup these are the guys that are top of their game. Most of the stuff you hear at the clubs come from them. If you have the chance to see any of them at your local club, GO! I would even recommend buying a few of their albums.

A few others that i’m a fan of that didn’t make the top 10 but made the top 100 are: 11 Paul Oakenfold, 19 Above & Beyond, 21 Markus Schulz, 22 Benny Benassi, 29 Gabriel & Dresden, 31 Blank & Jones, 63 Fatboy Slim, 81 Rank 1, 91 Matt Darey and 96 Max Graham. Anyway here is a link to the whole list Top 100 DJs.

I plan on at least once a month doing a DJ profile profile aka ‘DJ of the Month’. I’ll pick their best songs for a Hot Wax mix, upcoming tour dates, and other goodies. Feb will be Armin Van Buuren.

2 Responses to Top 10 DJs.

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  2. garwyn says:

    I love this site. Good work…

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