Hot Wax: Hot Album

Minstry of Sound’s Clubbers Guide 2006


Its the holy grail of dance album of the year. In my opinion better than their Annual 2006 mix album. Every top dance song that will got released last year plus a few of the newest future hits are all jammed into the awesome cd. I’ve been a long time fan of this music collection dating back to oh i would say clubbers guide 2001.

If you do get a chance at buying this CD, BEWARE!. I only recommend the buy the U.K. versions of the any Ministry of Sound (MoS) cds. The U.K. versions has a better track selection, while the U.S. and Australian versions are sometimes completely different and are less “clubbie”. There are too many too artists to name, but the Big artists and big tunes of the year are there. Here the link.

My Fav tune would have to be: Stunt – Raindrops (Groovecutters Remix).

“Feels like the Raindrops on my skin….”

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