History: Rant

There is a current trend in Dance music that makes me cringe: the Excessive 80’s remakes or as I like to call them “80’s song remixed to a dance beat and song by some no name talent.” Harsh, no not really beacuse its flooding the market. But I’m guilty of enjoying a few of them thou. Only the true obscure songs that use a tiny sample of the songs. Mylo – Dr. Beat, Mylo – In my arms, and Eric Prydz – Call on Me are some of the current examples of good 80’s remixed songs.

But there are some that don’t even try. They just throw a dancable beat and get someone to sing vocals of a popular song and its an instant hit. It copys the Music Industries standard of having a remade song on every album, so if the band’s first song release sucks they have another bon fide hit to release as a second hit or to generate buzz.

The Cause of this hoopla has to be DJ Sammy and the song Heaven. Bryan Adam’s orginal was a nice rock motif, but it didn’t experience the success of DJ Sammy version. But the problem is that Sammy does this for alot of songs on his Albums and created tons of copycats. Plus when ever i hear a DJ sammy new release, its always an 80’s song, ALWAYS.

Note: If 80’s dance song’s brought you into the world of dance, good. But there are other types of music out there. Don’t get suck listening to old genres of music, try and listen to new stuff since that is what dance music is all about.

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