XM vs. Sirius Radio Dance Stations

Ohh wee what a predicament. What Satellite Radio do you get if you want to listen to dance music? Well have no fear, I’m here with the positives and negatives of which one you pick. But first some questions…..

Why get Satellite Radio?

Get Sat. Radio If you are like me you can’t stand all the comericials on the radio. Or u are looking for a dedicated all dance station.

Why not listen online for free or get a podcast?

Well not all the shows are free online. But when u get Sat. you are paying for the variety of music. Sopngs that most radio stations refuse to play anymore. Plus have the ability to search for stations while the song title and name is displayed is a huge bonus feature that regular radio doesn’t have. Song alerts of fav. artists, just too many features to list.
Sirius Radio

The Good

  • 5 Dance Stations: Trance & Progressive, Breakbeats & Old Skool, Smooth electronics, Dance Hits, Disco & Classic hits
  • Shows by: Darude, Matt Darey, Judge Jules (same as his Radio 1’s mix show), groove radio mix show (Top Djs doing a 4 hour set), George Ascota, Gabriel and Dresden, Pete Tong’s Essential Selection (The Best U.K. weekly Dance mix also on Radio 1), DJ Icey, and DJ Red Alert.

The BaD

  • What no Progressive station or Jungle (Just kidding)
  • Times: some mix shows are played really late at nite, which doesn’t work if you are driving but does at home. Also shows are delayed from the real times they play. So what u say, well you can listen online or podcast the shows live and sometimes for free.

stay tuned for party part 2


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