Lists:The U.S. Grammys

The U.S. Grammys are on Wedesday Feb. 8. Since this is a dance site we only care about Dance artists. And the nominees are……..

Best Dance Recording (Song)

  • The Chemical Brothers Featuring Q-Tip – Galvanize
  • Deep Dish – Say Hello
  • Fatboy Slim & Lateef – Wonderful Night
  • LCD Soundsystem -Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
  • Kylie Minogue – I believe In You
  • New Order – Guilt Is A Useless Emotion

Horrible Ok group this year. The commitee def asked their kids what are good dance songs this year instead of asking DJs. I would say its between Deep Dish and Kylie. Edge to the ‘Dish’

Best Electronic/Dance Album

  • The Chemical Brothers – Push The Button
  • Daft Punk – Human After All
  • Fatboy Slim – Palookaville
  • Kraftwerk – Minimum-Maximum
  • LCD Soundsystem – LCD Soundsystem

Damn another bad lineup. Easy give it to the pioneers Daft Punk even thou the Chemicals are great. Since dance sucks this year maybe I’ll pass on the grammys this year……..


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