Hot Album:Benassi Brothers – Pumphonia


Yes this CD is close to a year old. Yes all the songs sound alike. Yes this post is late. If you have heard any Benassi songs u can tell they have the familiar loud pumping beat. Puslating. Extremly loud. The type of dance music that could give you headaches, for a month. Alot of the beats are the same and are used differently in each song.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The songs are great to dance to and mix one song into another one. If you play this cd play it loud and you’ll get alot of attention. Best songs are : Illusion, I love my sex, Hit my heart, and get better. OH if you have heard the hit SATISFACTION from Benassi, then u pratically know how every song sounds. anyway its a great pickup…


1. Illusion [Sfaction Version] [Version]
2. Turn Me Up [Sfaction Version] [Version]
3. Rumenian [Original Version]
4. Get Better [Sfact Reloaded Version] [Version]
5. Liar [Original Version]
6. Memory of Love [Original Version]
7. I Feel So Fine [Sfaction Version] [Version]
8. I Love My Sex [SfactRum Version] [Version]
9. Hit My Heart [Sfaction Version] [Version]
10. Time Is What You Need [Original Version]
11. Don’t Touch Too Much [Original Version]
12. Get Better [Sflow Version] [Version]

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