Hot Wax: Notable Albums Releases

Notable releases for the month of the FEB. and beyond…….

Hello Waveforms – William Orbit
Mr. Orbit has been a pioneer and is cutting edge in everyway. More tricks up his sleeve
Everytime We Touch – Cascada
London [Soundtrack] – The Crystal Method
Boys are back with a great album/sountrack to a movie. The movie may not do well but the beats will be remincing of old meth
Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi – Thievery Corporation
Destinations – Solarstone
Generation – Audio Bullys
Its a good year to be a bully. especially after there big hit. Look for a good follow up tunes
Felt Mountain – Goldfrapp
There will be a hit song, with an equally stylistic video that no one will ever imagine
Collected – Massive Attack
the best of massive attack. they are gearing up for their new album which is back to old sounds.Wait they aren’t dance music are they…trip hop is a really dark hard dance
Renaissance the Masters Series 7 – Dave Seaman
Juicy Miami – Robbie Rivera

yea thats just a few……now which songs do i spin…..?

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