February 20, 2006

I found a great link in one of the trance forums from a guy that is collecting a bunch of dance footage taken at clubs. He is creating a huge site and you can view the videos through google video. He picks vidoes from some of the best music festival of the past decade. Enjoy seeing some of your favorite DJs playing live.

Google Dance Video & Documnetaries

Hot list:Digweed’s Feb top 10

February 20, 2006

John Digweed’s Top ten for Feb.


John Digweed – Warung Beach
DJT – Ambush / Stalker
Trentemoller – Serenetti
Goldfrapp – White Horse (Ewan Pearson Mix)
Radioslave – Bleep
Locodice – Cathargo
Milton Jackson – M
Oliver Moldan – Phat Laces
Dirt Crew – Dominos
Slacker – Resist

Good luck finding these songs. Most of them are white label (new songs on vinyl that turntable DJs spin before they are released to the public and way before they are on CD). So you know that you can’t download them.

New Posts later in the day……..

February 20, 2006

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Sorry i’m out for a bit

February 16, 2006

Out partying………..

PreGaming: Crobar vs Avalon

February 14, 2006

crobar logo.jpg Vs avalon lgog.jpg

Which super club is better? Which one Miami vs Hollywood vs New York vs Boston? Best Lineups? ????

It will be answered soon….

Hot Album:Housexy spring 06

February 14, 2006


I swear i’m not turning into a marketing machine for the Ministry of sound, but i needed a quick post and can’t wait for this cd to come out. Plus there tag line sounds very cool. Great for DJs to listen to and pick their favorites before playing
them in the club. WE all like to be leaders but some of us just can’t get the hot tunes wax. Enjoy Housexy spring 06!

Tunes to watch for on this disc are:, Porno – Music Power (Andy Van Remix), Haji & Emanuel – Take Me Away (StoneBridge Remix) and Martin ‘Mayhem’ & Timmi ‘Magic’ Feat. Elisabeth Troy – I Need Your Lovin (Classic Vox Mix).

Housexy are you?

Hot Wax:Venue WMC2006

February 14, 2006


Winter Music Conference 2006

10 Glorious days in beautiful Miami all devoted to Dance Music. The winter music conference takes place every year around mid-march and draws the top DJing talent from the world. Its the worlds best un-official music festival, why? Well some most are private vips shows that u have to be in the know or pay bigg $$. All the labels meet there and artists chill, collaborate about future projects and party it up near the pool. More on who is where later in the month…..

Hot Song: Gorillaz – Dare(dave aude mix)

February 13, 2006


Mmmh. I hear this song everywhere. The orginal has a soft melody, but this remix takes it to another level. Its soo simple that i wish i wrote it. Enough said, just enjoy….

Hot Album:Benassi Brothers – Pumphonia

February 13, 2006


Yes this CD is close to a year old. Yes all the songs sound alike. Yes this post is late. If you have heard any Benassi songs u can tell they have the familiar loud pumping beat. Puslating. Extremly loud. The type of dance music that could give you headaches, for a month. Alot of the beats are the same and are used differently in each song.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The songs are great to dance to and mix one song into another one. If you play this cd play it loud and you’ll get alot of attention. Best songs are : Illusion, I love my sex, Hit my heart, and get better. OH if you have heard the hit SATISFACTION from Benassi, then u pratically know how every song sounds. anyway its a great pickup…


1. Illusion [Sfaction Version] [Version]
2. Turn Me Up [Sfaction Version] [Version]
3. Rumenian [Original Version]
4. Get Better [Sfact Reloaded Version] [Version]
5. Liar [Original Version]
6. Memory of Love [Original Version]
7. I Feel So Fine [Sfaction Version] [Version]
8. I Love My Sex [SfactRum Version] [Version]
9. Hit My Heart [Sfaction Version] [Version]
10. Time Is What You Need [Original Version]
11. Don’t Touch Too Much [Original Version]
12. Get Better [Sflow Version] [Version]

Lists:Grammy Winners

February 12, 2006

Sorry i’m late with this wrap-up. But its been a busy week. So the Grammies kinda sucked, like every year. The only dance music on wa the Gorillaz and Madonna, and they sang Feel good inc and Hung up. Some of the acts collaborations were cool at first but started to get a little boring.

Anyway the Chemical Brothers won in each of the Dance sections. And the Grammy goes to…….
Best Dance Recording:
Galvanize – The Chemical Brothers ft. Q-Tip

Best Electronica/Dance Album
Push The Button – The Chemical Brothers

Best Remixed Recording:
Superfly (Louie Vega EOL Mix) – Curtis Mayfield