Hot Wax: Rant: Ipods

Ipods are great. Walkmans of the future. I think its great to carry your entire music collection in your pocket. I personally own a shuffle, cause there can be a thing as too much music. ….But how does the Ipod do in terms of Djing? wel it comes down to these two setups…..

ipod-DJ.jpg or iPodDJMixer-Small.gif

Yea i was thinnking about the possiblities too when I saw the picture on the right. “No vinyl, No CDs, No problem. My Djing days just got a hella of alot easier, what out i’m gonna be a superstar!!!!”

Well .. looks can be deciving. the Ipod mixer on the right still has alot of growing pains to go through. The review I heard went too stellar and basically said to wait for a better model. No remember this “tool” is reviewed for professional DJs, not the hard working addicts like the rest of us. Will it replace Technics 1200s or some CDJ 1000s, prob not. But it will help u bring in friends to get the party started. OH i think that the setp on the left is the best for now…until Apple decides to make some cash off of DJs with a new Ipod again…..


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