Rants: Laptop crashes at club

Apparently Paul Van Dyk’s laptop crashed while he was playing a set at Godskitchen. Now this may seem funny at first, but its not when u realize how many top djs use laptops in their sets. It took Djs a long enough time to accept CDs to spin, but vinyl is consider more true to form. Vinyl is expsensive to by and even more to get your songs pressed on it. Everyone can create a song and save it onto a CD and play it at the club nowadays.

Spinning vinyl is just plain hard. While the CD’s are a little easy even with the beatmatchin. Laptops bring new creativity of playing music to the masses. Only time will tell if the almighty DJ will be replaced with two ipods that can mix themsevles.

Oh wait I did that post already!

2 Responses to Rants: Laptop crashes at club

  1. saiko says:

    I would love to see how did crowd react to this. But yeah, time when DJs were doing stuff with vinyls is already history, not that I care much because I have never been into this DJ stuff but anyway something inside me miss it.

  2. hotwax says:

    Yea, music always ends up evolving. New ways and techniques will always outbalance the new. Its either join or be left behind. Look at the history of movie making. As the gradual involvement of digital prints lets anyone direct and edit their own movie. So just like in the movie industry, Creativity is the only limitation.

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