HOT Wax:Album: London

March 14, 2006

crystal method.jpg

The Meth boys are back………Review later

Rants: Laptop crashes at club

March 13, 2006

Apparently Paul Van Dyk’s laptop crashed while he was playing a set at Godskitchen. Now this may seem funny at first, but its not when u realize how many top djs use laptops in their sets. It took Djs a long enough time to accept CDs to spin, but vinyl is consider more true to form. Vinyl is expsensive to by and even more to get your songs pressed on it. Everyone can create a song and save it onto a CD and play it at the club nowadays.

Spinning vinyl is just plain hard. While the CD’s are a little easy even with the beatmatchin. Laptops bring new creativity of playing music to the masses. Only time will tell if the almighty DJ will be replaced with two ipods that can mix themsevles.

Oh wait I did that post already!

XM Radio’s Chill new Channel

March 13, 2006

XM radio added a chill station to their great dance music lineup. They play moby, Everything but the girl, DJ shadow, and sooo on. Basically its a great station to listen to after a hard nite of clubbing. At times I couldn’t even tell the station from the Jazz station. Which is a good thing when u are trying to relax.

Also XM is going to broadcast the Ultra Music festival live all the whole weekend it happens. Now i wished i could record my xm feeds. I’m sure that some nasty dj sets will happen.

Hot Song: Dogzilla – Without You

March 13, 2006


Male vocal and dance music can be very tricky. Sometimes the pairing can come out great f perfectly timed. If not, the song is completely crap. Which is why there are more female singers in dance music. But this song has a thumping beat with a great vocal. This song has been played alot this year already.

“You are the only, the only thing I need……”

Ultra Music Festival @ WMC 2006

March 10, 2006

Here is the list of Arts at the Ultra Music Festival Opening the Winter music Conference.

Second Sun
Paul Van Dyk
SAnder KleinBerg
MArio Picotto
Richie Hawtin
Mitress Barbara
Carl Cox
Danny Tenaglia
Danny Howells
Darren Emerson
DJ Rap
Armand Van Helden
Benny Benassi
Bad Boy Bill
Seb Fontaine
Junior Sanchez
DJ Icey
Roni Size
DJ Craze
Andy C

Just digest the peeps that are gonna be playing at this.Now Realize that this list is double and I only put artiststhat I know on the list. Now cry that you are not at Miami.

Battles #2

March 9, 2006

Madonna vs Kylie




hmmm music wise ……

kylie1.jpg or madonna2.jpg

Well i’m not gonna pick………….

DJ of the Month: Tiesto

March 8, 2006


tiesto3.jpgtiesto4.jpg tiesto1.jpgtiesto2.jpg

Hot Wax mix CD

1. magik journey
2. flight 643
3. lethal industry
4. Traffic
5. Adagio for Strings
6. Just Be
7. Southern Sun (tiesto)
8. Obession
9. The Roc Project – Never (Remix)
10. love comes again
11. Nyana
12. Walking on Clouds
13. Eternity with Armin van buuren
14. Jan Johnson Flesh Tiesto remix
15. Delerium – innocence


Open the 2004 Summer Olympics at Greece with a DJ set.
Real name is Tijs Verwest.
Magik Series is the best selling DAnce series in the world.
Magik Series ended after #7 LA
Performs up to 6 hours straight!
Won DJ Mag’s Top DJ 3 years in a row (2002 – 2004)
Currently #2 in the World
Works with Armin Van Burren under the Alaias of MAjor League and Alibi.
Used to be a memeber of Gouryella with Ferry Corsten.

Famous Songs/Remixes:
Southen Sun (Remix)
In Search of Sunrise Series.
Magik Volume Series.
Delerium – Silence (tiesto mix)

Artist CDs:
In my memory
Just be
Parade of the Athletes

His music is unique and always a crowd please. He is a pioneer in the way he creates new ways to push dance music to a new edge. Some say that he has replaced the Oakenfold as the worldws most soldout DJ. Some say that he is a trendsetter. I say just place his music and watch how the crowd response. Absolute crazyness.

What Does that do? Final Scratch 2

March 7, 2006

So you go to a club. U see the DJ. Hes not your typical DJ. Why? he keeps on playing with his laptop during his set. He has a werid setup of a turntable, cd player and that computer..

So his setup looks like this.


Well thanks to that little box between the computer and the mixer and decks, you can now spin your mp3s directly on to vinyl or cd. Which every you prefer. Most of the top Djs do it nowadays and its a great way for medium level DJs to show off thier collection of rare dance remixes or produced tracks. Off course there is a competitor in Serato’s Scratch, but Final Scratch is the most widely used. The box is magical and does on the fly conversion from the decks to the mixer from the computer to max sweet mixing music. An alternate way to mix that is gaining more users.

frinal scratch 2.jpg

Hot Wax:Info

March 6, 2006

Getting back to the basics….which means everyday posting. Starting on the 7th at nite

Hot Wax: Rant: Ipods

March 6, 2006

Ipods are great. Walkmans of the future. I think its great to carry your entire music collection in your pocket. I personally own a shuffle, cause there can be a thing as too much music. ….But how does the Ipod do in terms of Djing? wel it comes down to these two setups…..

ipod-DJ.jpg or iPodDJMixer-Small.gif

Yea i was thinnking about the possiblities too when I saw the picture on the right. “No vinyl, No CDs, No problem. My Djing days just got a hella of alot easier, what out i’m gonna be a superstar!!!!”

Well .. looks can be deciving. the Ipod mixer on the right still has alot of growing pains to go through. The review I heard went too stellar and basically said to wait for a better model. No remember this “tool” is reviewed for professional DJs, not the hard working addicts like the rest of us. Will it replace Technics 1200s or some CDJ 1000s, prob not. But it will help u bring in friends to get the party started. OH i think that the setp on the left is the best for now…until Apple decides to make some cash off of DJs with a new Ipod again…..