Old Wax Song of the Week: Derb – Derbus

July 25, 2006

Derb – Derbus

Quick choopy pulsing beats…

Massive crowds, moving to a similar beat….

Classic dance at tis best……

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July 25, 2006

feedback is appreciated…

Hot song:Mike Shiver – Feelings

July 24, 2006


This song has been around for a few months. But still is a solid selection to the playlist. The hook on this song is perfect. Even as a pure instrumental song without vocal, it grabs you attention….
One of my favs.

Hot Wax:Hot Decks….Numark

July 21, 2006

Bringing DJing to the masses.


I love how Numark is creating usb mixer and decks with hard drives. They are innovating with every new product that release. This thing has a wave output screen so u can mix to perfection. With usb connections almost anything can be hookedup.

Check out the product review.

Hot Remix: Tiesto – Pirates Of The Caribbean – He’s A Pirate (Tiesto Remix) !!!

July 21, 2006


So the movie rocked.
And you heard the theme.
And Tiesto made a remix of it.

I’ve been on the edge with song since i heard it back in may. he sues some sound Fx from the movie with voice overs which makes it cheesy.
But the more i heard the song,
the more i got reminded fo his classice songs like traffic
and other ones that he has without words. The BPM is nice and fast, while it will def get the crowd moving.

All in all its a fun track that doesn’t disappoint.