I want my Music TV……

Mtv, Mtv2,Vh1, Much music, fuse, and all the wanna be in between. They all lack one vary important feature….. Dance Music Videos.

Not onli’m I tired of seeing the same awful pop and rap videos being played in heavy rotation. And even on the classic music stations too. The closest we get to DAnce music videos here in the states are stuff from Madonna, Kylie, and oooh i really can’t remember.

I remember a young upstart Florida tv station tried showing dance videos a few years ago, but they ultimately couldn’t stay funded. So this past weekend, I came across streamick.com which streams video on the internet. Apparently MoS (Ministry of Sound) has a stream to thier online channel with some very fun dance videos….

2 Responses to I want my Music TV……

  1. keyni says:

    i love mtv it’s the best tv of the world

  2. hotwax says:

    Yea. MTV is great. But it does lack the music that i enjoy the most….Dance Music.

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