DJ of the Month: Pete Tong…

November 6, 2006

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DJ of the Month: Tiesto

March 8, 2006


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Hot Wax mix CD

1. magik journey
2. flight 643
3. lethal industry
4. Traffic
5. Adagio for Strings
6. Just Be
7. Southern Sun (tiesto)
8. Obession
9. The Roc Project – Never (Remix)
10. love comes again
11. Nyana
12. Walking on Clouds
13. Eternity with Armin van buuren
14. Jan Johnson Flesh Tiesto remix
15. Delerium – innocence


Open the 2004 Summer Olympics at Greece with a DJ set.
Real name is Tijs Verwest.
Magik Series is the best selling DAnce series in the world.
Magik Series ended after #7 LA
Performs up to 6 hours straight!
Won DJ Mag’s Top DJ 3 years in a row (2002 – 2004)
Currently #2 in the World
Works with Armin Van Burren under the Alaias of MAjor League and Alibi.
Used to be a memeber of Gouryella with Ferry Corsten.

Famous Songs/Remixes:
Southen Sun (Remix)
In Search of Sunrise Series.
Magik Volume Series.
Delerium – Silence (tiesto mix)

Artist CDs:
In my memory
Just be
Parade of the Athletes

His music is unique and always a crowd please. He is a pioneer in the way he creates new ways to push dance music to a new edge. Some say that he has replaced the Oakenfold as the worldws most soldout DJ. Some say that he is a trendsetter. I say just place his music and watch how the crowd response. Absolute crazyness.

Hot Wax:DJ of the Month: Armin Van Buuren

February 5, 2006


Armin Van Buuren
Hot Wax mix cd
1. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Armin mix)
2. Shivers
3. Perpetuous Dreamer – Sound of Goodbye
4. Serenity
5. Gouryella – Gouryella (Armin mix)
6. From the Heart7.
7. Riva – Time is a Healer (Armin mix)
8. Tiesto & Armin – Alibi
9. iio – Rapture (Armin mix)
10. Ferry Corsten & Armin – Exhale
11. Burned with Desire
12. Solar Stones – Seven Cities (Armin mix)
13. Precious
14. Perpetuous Dreamer – Dust Wave (Armin mix)
15. Communication
16. Blue Fear
17. Major League – Wonder (Armin & Tiesto mix)
18. Yet Another Day


76, Shivers
Universal Regligion Chapter 1, 004 Transparance, Universal Religion 2004, State of Trance 2004, 2005.
Radio Shows
A State of Trance

Famous Songs/Remixes:
Perpetuous Dreamer – Sound of Goodbye
Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Armin mix)
Riva – Time is a Healer (Armin mix)
Tiesto & Armin – Alibi
Gouryella – Gouryella (Armin mix)
iio – Rapture (Armin mix)
Major League – Wonder (Armin & Tiesto mix)
Perpetuous Dreamer – Dust Wave (Armin mix)
Solar Stones -Seven Cities (Armin mix)


  • Own label is called Armada
  • First big hit was Blue Fear
  • AKA Prepetuous Dreamer & Rising Star

Tour Dates:
Feb. 3 @ The Gallery Capteown
Feb. 4 @ ? in Johannesburg
Feb. 11 @ Trance Energy
Feb. 14 @ Klub Essential in Riga
Feb. 16 @ Exit in Kaunas
Feb. 17 @ Slinky in Bournemouth
Feb. 17 @ Mills in London
Feb. 18 @ GodsKitchen in Birmingham
Feb. 24 @ Two tribes in Brisbane
Feb. 25 @ Two tribes in Melbourne