Hot Song: Fedde Le Grand – Put your hands Up (Detroit)

November 8, 2006


Oh boy. This is a hti song. Iheard it during the summer sensation mega mix, but thought it was a fad. Whoa. this track has blown up! and i’ll bet that most people are jealous of the success of such a simple song.

“Put your hands up …Put your hands up…Put your hands up…Put your hands up For Detroit ..I love this Cityy!”

That all the words plus a nice beat and an infectous hook. Maddly simple and hte crowd loves it. As I talk, this song just started to play on its amazing. It just got released with a ton of remixes. I like the Fonzerelli remix personally. but for now i’m just putting my hands up for the home of house……….

Detriot. ILove this cityyyyy….

Hot Song: Armin Van Buuren – Control Freak (Sander Van Doorn Mix)

November 8, 2006


This song has been around for a while but i just can’t stop playing it. If you didn’t know already Sander is the mext big Dutch DJ to explode onto the scene. He has many other alias that he uses to produce and remix songs but this is second well knownsong. The main difference with the orginal and the remix is that Sander is great at creating a clear deep dark bass beat and lays them over the orginal track. The result is a trance track taht has turned into a dark song with uplifting melodies. I expect many producers/remixers to copy his sound. But the song is pulsating and very so unique that you instantly get moody from it. A must include to transistion sets.

Hot song:Mike Shiver – Feelings

July 24, 2006


This song has been around for a few months. But still is a solid selection to the playlist. The hook on this song is perfect. Even as a pure instrumental song without vocal, it grabs you attention….
One of my favs.

Hot Remix: Tiesto – Pirates Of The Caribbean – He’s A Pirate (Tiesto Remix) !!!

July 21, 2006


So the movie rocked.
And you heard the theme.
And Tiesto made a remix of it.

I’ve been on the edge with song since i heard it back in may. he sues some sound Fx from the movie with voice overs which makes it cheesy.
But the more i heard the song,
the more i got reminded fo his classice songs like traffic
and other ones that he has without words. The BPM is nice and fast, while it will def get the crowd moving.

All in all its a fun track that doesn’t disappoint.


Hot Wax: Carl Cox: Give me your love

May 9, 2006


The first time i heard this song, i was amazed how simple but effective it was. Over the past two months that I have been playing it, I have been constantly wondering about how to remix it or play it differently. But its stilla gem of record. Why didn't I write about this song in the first place? Well it came down to a little mistake on my part. I do research on good songs that I listen to and wanna write about. Sometimse on XM or on some internet radion shows, they play new songs with old classic songs. Now having a huge Knowledge of dance music (I got a Big Ego, I know) I thought it was a new song until I checked the release date online and it said the song was out in the early 90's. Only did i discover a few weeks later that it was brand new.


Hot Song: Paul Oakenfold ft Brittany Murphy – Faster Kill Pussycat

April 4, 2006

Paul Oakenfold ft Brittany Murphy – Faster Kill Pussycat

no image cause it ain't relased yet.

The first single released off of Oakenfold's new album "A Lively Mind". Featuring the vocal of Hollywood startlet, Brittany Murphy???. I like it as a hot track climbing up the charts. Watch it catchfire just before Oakey's albumdrops June 6.

Hot Sux: Rewing – Rocket

March 23, 2006

Rewing – Rocket

Ohh one of those repeating vocal dance songs. Kinda reminds me of an early dance song back in the 90’s. Kinda sounds a little chessy and I’m sure that it contains bits and pieces of earlier dance songs. And thats all I have to say about it. I’m not even sure when this song came out. It just played on XM BPM and I felt the need to review it.

Hot Wax:Above and Beyond – Alone Tonight

March 23, 2006


Usually A & B tracks are usually pumping great vocal tracks layered over rhymic riffs. I’m kinda iffy on this one thou. Why? Well the male vocals are kionda flat in my opinion of the song. Maybe in a remix they can be matched perfectly but not here. A good track to listen to, but not one for playing in the club. Sorry!

“I don’t wanna be alone tonite…”

Hot Song:? – So Special

March 17, 2006

woods2.jpg or michaelwoods.jpg
Judge Jules – So Special or

Michael Woods – So Special or
Woods + Jules – So Special or

Woods + Jules feat Marcella Woods – So special.

I love how most radio stations are botching up the name of this song. Its a great tune that has been around for a while. Michael Woods has been know to drop several great dance songs from time to time. He is a very talented producer. Judge Jules has been a top Dj for many years and has his own radio show on BBC Radio 1. However, he isn’t know to be a big producer of songs, which is why when i hear this song and only see Judge Jules getting the credit, I’m unhappy about it.

“So Special……”

Hot Song: Dogzilla – Without You

March 13, 2006


Male vocal and dance music can be very tricky. Sometimes the pairing can come out great f perfectly timed. If not, the song is completely crap. Which is why there are more female singers in dance music. But this song has a thumping beat with a great vocal. This song has been played alot this year already.

“You are the only, the only thing I need……”