Lists:Grammy Winners

February 12, 2006

Sorry i’m late with this wrap-up. But its been a busy week. So the Grammies kinda sucked, like every year. The only dance music on wa the Gorillaz and Madonna, and they sang Feel good inc and Hung up. Some of the acts collaborations were cool at first but started to get a little boring.

Anyway the Chemical Brothers won in each of the Dance sections. And the Grammy goes to…….
Best Dance Recording:
Galvanize – The Chemical Brothers ft. Q-Tip

Best Electronica/Dance Album
Push The Button – The Chemical Brothers

Best Remixed Recording:
Superfly (Louie Vega EOL Mix) – Curtis Mayfield

Hot Wax Mix R US:February

February 10, 2006

Here is the songs curently making it to my playlists. Enjoy!

Mylo – Doctor Pressure
stunt – Raindrops
Madonna – Sorry
Armin Van Buuren – Senerity
Gabriel & Dresden – Arcadia
Ferry Corsten – Fire
Peter Presta – Totally Hooked
Armin Van Buuren – Shivers
Marco V – False light
Marco V – Godd
Timo Maas – Pictures (Paul van Dyk Remix)
Ron van den Beuken – Sunset
Ernesto vs Bastian – Darkside of the Moon
Above & Beyond vs Andy Moor – Air for life
Blank & Jones – Perfect Silence (E-Craig 212 Remix)
mylo – muscle car
DJ Jean – Feel It

Top 10 Dance Songs February.

February 7, 2006

1. Ferry Corsten – Fire
2. Above & Beyond vs Andy Moor – Air for life
3. Armin Van Buuren – Shivers
4. Gabriel & Dresden – Arcadia
5. Madonna – Sorry
6. stunt – Raindrops
7. Peter Presta – Totally Hooked
8. Mylo – Doctor Pressure
9. Blank & Jones – Perfect Silence (E-Craig 212 Remix)
10. Ernesto vs Bastian – Darkside of the Moon

Hot WaxMix:Trance Energy 2006

February 7, 2006

trance energy.jpg

Lucky Dutch. Always lucky with Dance music. You have some of the best talented DJs and you have the best dance festivals.

This Saturday Feb. 11 and 12, Trance Energy will be touching down for the seventh year in a row. A top DJing lineup is involved from the likes of: everyone on this mix CD, Judge Jules, and PUSH. Here is the playlist from their site for you to keep track of the hottest songs out there. Marcel Woods – Advanced is the event’s Anthem aka smoking track.

Trance Energy Playlist:

1. Marcel Woods – Advanced
2. Above and Beyond presents Tranquility Base – Surrender
3. Armin Van Buuren – Shivers
4. Armin vs M.I.K.E. – Intruder
5. Cor Fijneman – Monologue
6. Dj Jean – Feel It
7. Dj Remy – Radiate
8. Ernes vs Bastian – Dark Side of the Moon
9. 4 Strings – Sunrise
10. Mark Norman – Touch Down
11. Matthew Dekay vs. Producers – The Deep Show
12. Perry O’Neil – Numb
13. Rany Katana – Pleasure Island
14. Roland Klinkenberg – Twilight
15. Ronald Van Geldren – Filth
16. Svenson & Gielen – Answer the Question

Lists:The U.S. Grammys

February 6, 2006

The U.S. Grammys are on Wedesday Feb. 8. Since this is a dance site we only care about Dance artists. And the nominees are……..

Best Dance Recording (Song)

  • The Chemical Brothers Featuring Q-Tip – Galvanize
  • Deep Dish – Say Hello
  • Fatboy Slim & Lateef – Wonderful Night
  • LCD Soundsystem -Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
  • Kylie Minogue – I believe In You
  • New Order – Guilt Is A Useless Emotion

Horrible Ok group this year. The commitee def asked their kids what are good dance songs this year instead of asking DJs. I would say its between Deep Dish and Kylie. Edge to the ‘Dish’

Best Electronic/Dance Album

  • The Chemical Brothers – Push The Button
  • Daft Punk – Human After All
  • Fatboy Slim – Palookaville
  • Kraftwerk – Minimum-Maximum
  • LCD Soundsystem – LCD Soundsystem

Damn another bad lineup. Easy give it to the pioneers Daft Punk even thou the Chemicals are great. Since dance sucks this year maybe I’ll pass on the grammys this year……..

Top 10 DJs.

January 30, 2006

Heres a Crash course in the top 10 DJs of 2005. (Djmag)
1 Paul van Dyk
2 Tiƫsto
3 Armin Van Buuren
4 Sasha
5 Ferry Corsten
6 John Digweed
7 Hernan Catteneo
8 Deep Dish
10 Carl Cox

Yup these are the guys that are top of their game. Most of the stuff you hear at the clubs come from them. If you have the chance to see any of them at your local club, GO! I would even recommend buying a few of their albums.

A few others that i’m a fan of that didn’t make the top 10 but made the top 100 are: 11 Paul Oakenfold, 19 Above & Beyond, 21 Markus Schulz, 22 Benny Benassi, 29 Gabriel & Dresden, 31 Blank & Jones, 63 Fatboy Slim, 81 Rank 1, 91 Matt Darey and 96 Max Graham. Anyway here is a link to the whole list Top 100 DJs.

I plan on at least once a month doing a DJ profile profile aka ‘DJ of the Month’. I’ll pick their best songs for a Hot Wax mix, upcoming tour dates, and other goodies. Feb will be Armin Van Buuren.