Old Wax Song of the Week: Derb – Derbus

July 25, 2006

Derb – Derbus

Quick choopy pulsing beats…

Massive crowds, moving to a similar beat….

Classic dance at tis best……

Old Wax: Fragma – Toca’s Miracle

February 20, 2006


AKA “I need a Miracle”

Ok ooold dance song. cheesy guitar riff. bad kickbeat. horrible echoing. really repetitive lyrics with no meaing.

HELL of a song back in the day and thats why it got played as a pioneer of classic dance music

Old Wax:Reflekt – Need to feel loved

February 20, 2006


This song came out in Ocotber 2005, so it really isn’t old. But if were to hear it on the radio as touted new, i would be mad. This new project by Seb Fontaine and Jay P creates dance musci with vocals in mind. When first hearing this song, the strings were its main hook. Some people complain that alot fo dance song can be too long and repetative, but this song goes against the norm.

” I need to feel love,…….I feel loved,…… I feel loved”

Old Wax:Bonus Duo

February 9, 2006

Darude – Sandstorm.


Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400


I had to put these two songs together. Both songs are instant classics. For kernfraft 400, I remember hearing the chant mix at an outdoor house party. Massive amounts of people chillin and going crazy singing this songs. Imagine about 200 to 400 people all diggin this song. It was prob one of the first reasons i wanted to DJ.

As for Sandstorm, if you don’t feel the need to move your feet, something is wrong! This song alone makes anyone try out dancing with glow sticks.

“ooooooh ooooooooh ooooooh oh oh.”

Old Wax:DJ Jurgen Presents Alice DeeJay – Better Of Alone

February 8, 2006


For some people this was their first mainstream favorite dance song. This song hit like a rocket. Gotta love those Synths banging out a catchy whistling tune. Was it Chessy? Hell yeah. But being able to play this in a top 40 playlist was fun enough. Ahh the memories….

“Do you think you’re better off alone?…..

Talk to me…Ohhh, Talk to me…..”

Old Wax:Bob Marley – The Sun is shining (FunkStar Deluxe Mix)

February 3, 2006


Classic. Massive. Great summer chillout song. Even thou some of the words have been debated, Bob hooks you with his crooning while the Funkstar production of beats and exceellent timed sample loops bring out an energetic groove. A must for old skool mixes.
“I’m a rainbow too, I’m a rainbow, Im a rainbow too…..”