Hot Wax: Remix:lethal godd

March 6, 2006

Marco V vs Tiesto – Lethal godd
Mash up are what djs are know for. Play two insanely hott track and mix them into one unforgettable mix. Yea this trend is old in dance music, but there has been a recent resurgence thanxs to DJs like Mylo. Adding a classic song such as lethal Industry with the current hit godd creates a headbanging beat. Currently its a bootleg… but i’m sure someone will release it…..

leathlinsdustry.jpg vs godd.jpg
“Do you believe in a godd or do you believe in me…….”

Hot Remix:SugaBabes – Freak Like Me

February 10, 2006


Welcome class to another Lesson in dance music. Today we tackle the art of the remix.

Take one part old 90’s hip-hop song from Adina Howard, get three pop tarts to resing the song and add some infectious dance beat. Ta Da, you have a dance remix of a very sexy 90’s song. Trust me, if you listen to the orginal and the remake, you would know how talented these people are.

“Freak in the morning, Freak inthe Evening…….”