Old Wax Artist of the Month: Basement Jaxx

December 5, 2006

How many DJing Duos/producers can fuse house, dance and funky lyrics into a mixed bag of smooth

XM vs Sirius Radio…..

August 18, 2006

Washington Post’s idea of a satellite radio roundup

Where’s the Party At: Aug 7 to 13

August 7, 2006

New York

DJ skibble @ Crobar Aug. 11
DJ Boris @ Crobar Aug. 12
Kim Sozzi @ Spirit Aug. 11
Tiesto and BT @ Borgata Aug. 11

Oscar G @ Space Aug. 12

Dave Ralph @ Avalon Aug. 11
DJ Boris @ Rumor Aug. 11

David Waxman @ Room 960 Aug. 12

Junior Sanchez @ Foundatio Room Aug. 7


Please Post more Comments!!!!

July 25, 2006

feedback is appreciated…

More posts later today……..

June 7, 2006

Hot Wax: 8ball – my love

May 9, 2006

8ball - my love.jpeg

Oh curently one of my favorite tracks. Gets the crowd jumping and over the edge. Great vocal and smooth beat. Enough said…

My love… My love…My love is the only ……My love is only key that will set you free

Hot Info: WMC 2006 posts

March 29, 2006

Hey is about.com's posts on the going ons down in Florida during the conference. It's a good read!

Working on alot of posts for tom. Back Tom.

March 20, 2006

HOT Wax:Album: London

March 14, 2006

crystal method.jpg

The Meth boys are back………Review later