Its all gone Pete Tong…..

February 26, 2007

WTF Watch!: Fedde Le Grand

December 5, 2006

WTF Watch

There are certain signs that show up in dance music that artist do that will lead them into a  infamy. Certain Songs, problems at shows, or just random events that cause their downward spiral of CHESSYNESS!

Such people as DJ Sammy (Causing every 80’s song to be remade into a chessy dance song) to Benny Benassi (his classic big beat sound can only last soo many albums and songs) to …..well you get the point.

Our boy Fedde is dangerously on that line. So ‘put your hands up’ is a classic party tune if you a fan. Its go the classic electro feel and the male MC singing a simple and repetitive hook.  WEELLLL his new song, which i heard on XFM, sounds eerie and sadly alike. So yea Hands UP has been out since summer and only now is burning the charts, but come on please not the same  track with a few tweaks. You had the time to make new stuff.  don;t be another Moby………