Old Wax Artist of the Month: Basement Jaxx

December 5, 2006

How many DJing Duos/producers can fuse house, dance and funky lyrics into a mixed bag of smooth


ThanksGiving Eve

December 5, 2006

AKA the biggest (ok apart from new years eve, ibiza, and wmc) American Bar/Club nite. No one has work the next nite.

Soooo Djs are out…

Show of the Month: PVD @ Central Park Aug 18 and 19th

December 5, 2006

I was present on the saturday show! Def a great live performance.

Pic was tooo BIG!

Old posts… Cleaning up the site

December 5, 2006

Here are some old post that I was working on, but never quite finished.


Hot Song: Fedde Le Grand – Put your hands Up (Detroit)

November 8, 2006


Oh boy. This is a hti song. Iheard it during the summer sensation mega mix, but thought it was a fad. Whoa. this track has blown up! and i’ll bet that most people are jealous of the success of such a simple song.

“Put your hands up …Put your hands up…Put your hands up…Put your hands up For Detroit ..I love this Cityy!”

That all the words plus a nice beat and an infectous hook. Maddly simple and hte crowd loves it. As I talk, this song just started to play on xfm.nl its amazing. It just got released with a ton of remixes. I like the Fonzerelli remix personally. but for now i’m just putting my hands up for the home of house……….

Detriot. ILove this cityyyyy….

Hot Song: Armin Van Buuren – Control Freak (Sander Van Doorn Mix)

November 8, 2006


This song has been around for a while but i just can’t stop playing it. If you didn’t know already Sander is the mext big Dutch DJ to explode onto the scene. He has many other alias that he uses to produce and remix songs but this is second well knownsong. The main difference with the orginal and the remix is that Sander is great at creating a clear deep dark bass beat and lays them over the orginal track. The result is a trance track taht has turned into a dark song with uplifting melodies. I expect many producers/remixers to copy his sound. But the song is pulsating and very so unique that you instantly get moody from it. A must include to transistion sets.

DJ of the Month: Pete Tong…

November 6, 2006

more later…..