PreGaming: Crobar vs Avalon

February 14, 2006

crobar logo.jpg Vs avalon lgog.jpg

Which super club is better? Which one Miami vs Hollywood vs New York vs Boston? Best Lineups? ????

It will be answered soon….

Hot Wax:Venue WMC2006

February 14, 2006


Winter Music Conference 2006

10 Glorious days in beautiful Miami all devoted to Dance Music. The winter music conference takes place every year around mid-march and draws the top DJing talent from the world. Its the worlds best un-official music festival, why? Well some most are private vips shows that u have to be in the know or pay bigg $$. All the labels meet there and artists chill, collaborate about future projects and party it up near the pool. More on who is where later in the month…..