Hot Wax: Notable Albums Releases

February 27, 2006

Notable releases for the month of the FEB. and beyond…….

Hello Waveforms – William Orbit
Mr. Orbit has been a pioneer and is cutting edge in everyway. More tricks up his sleeve
Everytime We Touch – Cascada
London [Soundtrack] – The Crystal Method
Boys are back with a great album/sountrack to a movie. The movie may not do well but the beats will be remincing of old meth
Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi – Thievery Corporation
Destinations – Solarstone
Generation – Audio Bullys
Its a good year to be a bully. especially after there big hit. Look for a good follow up tunes
Felt Mountain – Goldfrapp
There will be a hit song, with an equally stylistic video that no one will ever imagine
Collected – Massive Attack
the best of massive attack. they are gearing up for their new album which is back to old sounds.Wait they aren’t dance music are they…trip hop is a really dark hard dance
Renaissance the Masters Series 7 – Dave Seaman
Juicy Miami – Robbie Rivera

yea thats just a few……now which songs do i spin…..?

Hot Album:Ultra Dance.07

February 27, 2006

ultra dance 7.jpg

CD 1
1. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Mix)/ The Killers
2. Because of You (Jason Nevins Club Mix)/ Kelly Clarkson
3. Lose My Breath (Peter Rauhofer’s Breathless Club Mix)/ Destiny’s Child
4. Toxic (Rauhoffer Remix)/ Britney Spears
5. Mesmerized (Freemansons Mix)/ Faith Evans
6. Faithfully (Valentin Remix)/ Judy Torres
7. House Is Not a Home/ Deborah Cox
8. Every Single Day/ Benassi Brothers featuring Dhani
9. Everytime We Touch/ Cascada
10. Ends of the Earth/ Sun
11. Love Generation/ Bob Sinclair featuring Gary Pine
12. Your Body (Andy Van Remix)/ Tom Novy

CD 2
1. Dare (Soulwax Remix)/ Gorillaz
2. Precious (Sasha’s Gargantuan Remix)/ Depeche Mode
3. Number One (Superchumbo Remix)/ Goldfrapp
4. What Happens Tomorrow (Peter Rauhofer Remix)/ Duran Duran
5. Turn Up the Music (Axwell Remix)/ Roger Sanchez
6. No Good For Me/ Tocadisco
7. Work That Pussy/ Mad 8
8. Washing Machine (Funked Remix)/ Sikk
9. Fire/ Ferry Corsten Listen Listen
10. Float Away (2005 Remix)/ Robbie Rivera
11. Alright (Brad Carter Remix)/ Red Carpet
12. S.O.S./ Filter Funk

These ultra dance albums are great for keeping up with the current trends of dance music. The mix is tight while always using different remixes than the orginal songs heard. Most of the songs here are hits, but with their remix of different style brings it up a notch.

BUT some of he songs are just dance songs / r&b vocals from some of the top singers. For some thats fine, but i differ. Its like remaking an old song but using popular singers. Those type of songs only get played because they have known artists. Its a great CD none the less. Something to enjoy in the winter until summer time.

Hot Wax: List MOS vital Vinyl

February 21, 2006


Ministry of Sound’s Vital Vinyl top 15 list for Feb.

1. Above & Beyond – Alone Tonight 2. Jamiroquai – Dynamite
3. Playgroup ft KC Flight – Front 2 Back
4. The Doors – Hello I Love You
5. Mark Knight – Insatiable
6. Layo & Bushwacka – Life 2 Live
7. Anthony Dean & Starlet – Moonchild
8. Boogie Pimps – Music in Me
9. Porno – Music Power
10.Who’s Who – Not So Dirty
11.Open Air – Seven Nation Army
12.Steve Bug – Smackman
13.Meck – Thunder in my Heart
14.Dog Town Clash – West London’s Burning
15.Future Funk – Wildberry Tracks

Battles: #1

February 20, 2006

I’ve always wondered who would win a battle between

The Crystal Method vs.

The Chemical Brothers. ?


Old Wax: Fragma – Toca’s Miracle

February 20, 2006


AKA “I need a Miracle”

Ok ooold dance song. cheesy guitar riff. bad kickbeat. horrible echoing. really repetitive lyrics with no meaing.

HELL of a song back in the day and thats why it got played as a pioneer of classic dance music

Old Wax:Reflekt – Need to feel loved

February 20, 2006


This song came out in Ocotber 2005, so it really isn’t old. But if were to hear it on the radio as touted new, i would be mad. This new project by Seb Fontaine and Jay P creates dance musci with vocals in mind. When first hearing this song, the strings were its main hook. Some people complain that alot fo dance song can be too long and repetative, but this song goes against the norm.

” I need to feel love,…….I feel loved,…… I feel loved”

Hot Wax: Pictures: DJ Rap

February 20, 2006

Oooooooooh DJ Rap



Hot Wax:Picture

February 20, 2006

Cause you know Carl Cox is Nasty

carl cox.jpg

Tiesto’s new summer album

February 20, 2006



Mix R US: Armin Van Buuren and Judge Jules @ Trance Energy

February 20, 2006

For those unlucky people who could not go to Trance Energy in Holland, the BBC has been kind enough to us and have placed the entire AVB (Armin van Buuren) set and Judge Jules set on their Radio 1 music player.

HURRY! Cuase you can only listen to it until saturday, when Radio 1 changes their archives and put in a new mix.

RADIO 1 – Trance Energy