Hot Wax: Carl Cox: Give me your love

May 9, 2006


The first time i heard this song, i was amazed how simple but effective it was. Over the past two months that I have been playing it, I have been constantly wondering about how to remix it or play it differently. But its stilla gem of record. Why didn't I write about this song in the first place? Well it came down to a little mistake on my part. I do research on good songs that I listen to and wanna write about. Sometimse on XM or on some internet radion shows, they play new songs with old classic songs. Now having a huge Knowledge of dance music (I got a Big Ego, I know) I thought it was a new song until I checked the release date online and it said the song was out in the early 90's. Only did i discover a few weeks later that it was brand new.


Hot Wax: 8ball – my love

May 9, 2006

8ball - my love.jpeg

Oh curently one of my favorite tracks. Gets the crowd jumping and over the edge. Great vocal and smooth beat. Enough said…

My love… My love…My love is the only ……My love is only key that will set you free

MOS Redesign

May 7, 2006


Ministry of Sound has changed their website design. Instead of the plan white ack ground they have opted for a picture of a empty lot, but it does give the site some much needed color and overall warm full feeling. I'm not sure when it changed since I had taken a break from all things dance on the web (except for my XM radio)……

Go check it out….

Top 10 Females DJs….

May 7, 2006

Top 10 Females DJs…

Female DJs get no love from the top 100 DJ lists out there. So why not have a top female Dj list. I can ell you now that DJ and Sandra Collins are extremely talented DJs that can smoke any guy DJ out ther today. Most of the DJs on this list I haven't heard of, but I'll be on the lookout for.